Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reasons I miss studying

I bet most of us who is working really misses the days when we are able to put our feet down when we are tired and I admit that studying life is so much better than working. To those who is still studying, do savour every moment!
Here are the ten reasons why I miss my studying life.

1. I can wake up very late and still have breakfast before going to class half an hour late.

2. There is no such thing as one hour lunch break. But there is such thing as instant noodle for dinner.

3. We go to the library for the air-cond and free wifi. For free wifi, we don't need to buy any coffee.

4. We can use our student card for discounts, food costs cheaper but books costs like hell.

5. The lecturers will actually give you extra time to finish your assignment, no matter how lame your excuses are.

6. I can bring my pet bird to class and people will notice with awe, not trying to kill him with a strange stare.

7. I can buy all the things that I want with my loan money, and let the future me regret it later.

8. You can borrow your friend's report and copy it without hesitation. And plagirism is actually not a real crime if you copy from wikipedia.

9. Friends will always be there for you, with you if you are down. Especially if its a group work and you cause the problem. Sure you'll die.

10. But most of all, I miss my studying life is because I can make plenty of mistakes and learn from it. Without jeopardising anyone.

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